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Günzel Drilling, an established Namibian drilling contractor specializing in most methods of diamond core drilling, takes pride in providing a service of international standards, whether working in an environment of advanced mining development or green field exploration.

With more than 20 years’ experience in core drilling in a wide range of operational conditions and geological formations, we approach, manage and execute any drilling project promptly, adapting our services to the special needs of each client.

Our experience enables us to anticipate and overcome challenges presented by unique geology, location and socio-economic circumstances.

While Günzel Drilling does not shy away from smaller projects, we have the equipment, organizational capacity and expertise to run larger drilling projects of a higher profile.

Our staff has experience working in sensitive project locations and we know how to adapt operational procedures to take into account the concerns and expectations of landowners, residents and authorities.

Our operational purpose centres on providing the geologist with the best possible core sample but we do not compromise on safe work practices and adherence to a sustainable operational business approach, both environmentally and socially.

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Erro Industrial Park, Section 20, Einstein Street,
Swakopmund, Namibia

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