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Namibian Drilling Contractor

Established Core Drilling Company

Günzel Drilling Equipment

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Günzel Drilling owns a fleet of six diamond core rigs, complemented by a range of support vehicles, suitable down-hole equipment, and survey instruments. All equipment is acquired and maintained to accommodate the client’s unique project requirements within the Namibian drilling and exploration environment.

Our range of rig and vehicle types allows us to be well set up for drilling projects in most terrains and drilling conditions. Our high production rigs are suitable for larger projects and projects requiring drilling of deeper holes, with the track-mounted rig facilitating drilling operations in rugged andmountainous terrain.

Our rigs are Epiroc/Atlas Copco coring rigs of type C6, CS14, CS10, and CS1000. While a particular rig’s depth capacity is dependent on a variety of factors, including the rig model, size of the hole and type of formation, all our rigs are tried and tested for drilling within the Namibian geological context.

Operations and rigs are supported by quality internationally sourced downhole equipment for sizes B, N, H, and P. To prevent any project delays due to failed international supply chains, the company diligently invests in safe stock levels. All vehicles are licensed and satellite tracked. A JCB backhoe loader facilitates site clearing and light earth-moving works.

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Erro Industrial Park, Section 20, Einstein Street,
Swakopmund, Namibia

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